URJ Social Media Boot Camp Webinar: Social Sermon

November 27, 2012 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Facilitated by Lisa Colton, President, Darim Online

Let’s consider 2 common functions of a synagogue: Jewish learning, and Shabbat services. In both cases, the dynamic is based on a hierarchical model, rather than a networked one: A teacher at the front of the class, and the rabbi talking to the congregation from behind a podium. Let’s consider how social media tools can help us evolve these dynamics to create conversation, support collaboration, and engage more voices in our community. Join us to learn about The Social Sermon and explore how rabbis and educators can put blogs, Facebook and Twitter to use in some creative ways to discuss the weekly Torah portion and build relationships, participation and engagement in your congregation online and in person.

Webinar login information for the live session will be sent directly to registered participants in the URJ Social Media Boot Camp shortly before each event.  If you are affiliated with a Reform congregation you can register for the URJ Social Media Boot Camp here.

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